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Chris Breneman is the founder of F/A Brotherhood. When Chris and his wife started fostering, to eventually adopt, they were blessed with an incredible case worker, a good support system, and a wonderful private agency to work with.

Chris experienced a lot of emotions throughout the process of foster and adopting their three children. There was  lot of emotion with the specific cases, with the children's behaviors, etc. As a man, Chris wanted to fix everything and set out to find resources for a foster/adoptive dad to figure out where to start.

In the midst of looking, he realized that there were some good resources available, but most of those were geared toward women.  This made sense to him, but did not meet the needs of his current situation. That's where F/A Brotherhood was birthed.

Chris is an advocate for children within the system, for those who have been adopted, as well as an encouragement to foster and adoptive dads nationally. His purpose is to share about the orphan care crisis, how people can get involved, and walk alongside other foster and adoptive dads to offer a support system for them.

Chris would be willing to speak to any size group, both men and women, and can speak on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • The Orphan Care Crisis Among Us

  • In the Trenches: Being a Foster/Adoptive Dad

  • Step Up! Why Men Are Important to A Child's Life

  • Struggles Within the Process - Court, Trauma, & Beyond

  • Halftime: The Time Between Work & Home

  • Anything Else Your Group or Organization Would Like to Talk About

So book Chris today to come speak to your support group, church ministry, or conference*.  Hit the button below to share about your event!

*Fees based on location, travel, and event.

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