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There's no doubt this journey is tough.  Whether you are considering fostering/adopting, whether you are waiting for that placement, or whether you are in the "thick of it all", F/A Brotherhood is here for YOU! We want to be a support system for you. We want to share wisdom from our experiences, and we just want to give you a safe place to vent. To let it all hang out. With no judgement.

This begins with our private Facebook page.  Click here and ask to join. For your safety as well as your kids, we do have a screening process to make sure that the brotherhood stays tight knit and safe.  No women allowed, just guys being guys.  We have opportunities for you to share and have fun too! So if you need a parenting meme to brighten your day, or you need to sound off on something your kid(s) did, join our group!

Father and Children
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