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What is F/A Brotherhood?

F/A Brotherhood is a place for dads interested or involved in foster care and adoption. A place to engage, encourage, equip, and have fun! Think of us as your virtual man cave!

What do you offer?

Currently, we are very grassroots and getting off of the ground.  We have a public Facebook page which we share articles that may be of importance to your situations, facts about foster care and adoption, as well as some other things.  We also have a private Facebook page that is strictly for dads to share things (both good and bad), encourage one another, and just have a place where you feel safe to share your opinions, ideas, hurts, etc.

Is my wife able to join the F/A Brotherhood?

Your wife may join the public Facebook page, however, the private Facebook group is strictly for dads who are fostering and/or adopting. We do have a screening process to ensure your safety as well as your kid's safety as well.

Do you speak at events?

Our Founder, Chris Breneman, does speak at events upon request. Whether speaking to your school's administration, your church gathering, or any other place, Chris is more than willing to share about anything relating to fostering and adopting.  Please click here to book Chris at your next event.

Where do you see F/A Brotherhood going in the future?

Great question! We have big dreams and aspirations. However, we want to make sure we do them well.  Currently, we are focused on our Facebook page and group, as well as advocating for children in the system. In the near future, we are looking to start F/A Brotherhood chapters all over the United States. We will be providing some guidance on how to do that and what that could look like for you if you are interested in leading a group. In the "further" future, we look to have a podcast strictly for foster/adoptive dads. Because let's be real, we think differently than women, and that needs to be understood.

Does this group value women at all?

Of course we do! We believe women are incredibly important to the family unit.  As a matter of fact, some material may come from women that you see on our public Facebook page. We just realized that most articles, blogs, and websites about fostering and/or adopting are geared towards women, and we wanted to create an outlet for men

I'm interested in international adoption. Do you guys cover that too?

We do! We have guys from all over the country who have backgrounds in domestic and international adoption. Not everyone is an expert on everything, but we do have guys who have experience in every facet of fostering/adopting: single dads, dads that have adopted domestically, and dads that only want to foster.

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