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Our Story

Chris Breneman and his wife had an unusual foster/adoption journey. In short, they were chosen for the placement of twin 3 year old boys at one time when all of sudden, DSS stated that the boys were no longer going to be removed from their current placement. The Breneman's opened themselves up for more placements and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who was two days old.  Four days after they brought her home from the hospital they received a phone call from DSS stating that the twin boys needed to be picked up in a few hours.

Needless to say, going from 0-3 kids in about 4 days was a bit overwhelming.

The Breneman's had a great caseworker from their private agency and had some friends who had adopted in the past that could be a resource. In spite of all of that nothing could prepare them for the journey ahead.

Chris looked for resources to help he and his wife, but noticed that most everything foster and adoption related was geared towards women.  That got Chris thinking...why?

Long story short, after thinking things over, going to an incredible conference, and talking with a trusted friend, Chris decided to start F/A Brotherhood.  A place to engage, equip, and encourage other foster and adoptive dads whether they are thinking about pursuing adoption, are in the thick of it all currently, or wanting to know what to do after their kids have grown up and moved out of the house. 

In December 2021, Chris asked Vision Team leader Ryan Nachtigal to take over the reins of F/A Brotherhood and Ryan has done, is doing, and will do a phenomenal job moving the organization forward.

That's our story, and we want you to be a part of it. Join us!

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