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Vision Team

Our Vision Team is the heart and soul of F/A Brotherhood. They monitor our Facebook page, share their insights, initiate amazing ideas for implemention, and care for each and every member. Meet the team below!

Ryan Nachtigal


I’m Ryan Nachtigal and my wife Jen and I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We both love children. Within the first 7 years of our marriage we had four biological children.  We felt like we could give more children a home so we considered adopting.

We had our first placement in 2007 on Christmas Eve. Even though he only stayed with us for 24 hours, Angel was amazing and we realized you have to start somewhere.  Many foster placements have come and gone through our home. In all we have had 56 foster placements, mostly younger infants but also a couple elementary aged children as well. Currently, we have four biological children (2 boys and 2 girls), four adopted children (2 boys and 2 girls) and two foster children (both girls).

Our story has lots of ups and downs and many people in it. My encouragement to foster parents is to stay strong and stick with it. Foster care and adoption is not always pretty, but we all do it for the children.

Scott Strader


I’m Scott Strader and I live in Indian Trail, NC (Close to Charlotte). I got married in 2006 to my wife Tiffany. She was adopted when she was just 11 months old. Throughout our marriage we talked about adopting someday. We had two biological sons and the pregnancies were a little rocky. After our second son was just over 2 years old, I knew I wanted more kids!

We signed up for MAPP classes in 2018 and nearly chickened out on going to classes.  We stated we would like 2-3 children to our caseworker, and she immediately said “ok, so five” and we just laughed. Turns out she was being serious. She had a sibling set of five at their group home. We prayed about it, and we both had signs and felt this was our calling.  Upon finishing MAPP classes, we were able to get to meet the children in November and have visits throughout December.  They moved in with us on December 22, 2018. We are now working on the adoption and it should be final soon!

After the children joined our family, I always found myself looking for other dads in a similar situation to talk to. I needed to talk with people that just “get it.” When I found this group, I was so excited! I am happy to be able to share my journey and learn yours as well.

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