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Dad of the Month - August 2020

Hey Guys! It's that time! Time to honor the Dad of the Month! We are thankful for all you do each and every day. We know COVID has not made it easy on you. So we celebrate you! Now, our August Dad of the Month.....Scott Strader!!!

Scott hails from Indian Trail, North Carolina and is an IT Manager. He has six children all boys! 2 of the boys ages 3 & 8 are his biological children and he and his wife have adopted 4 boys ages 13,14,15, and 16. They were recently adopted in May! Congratulations, Scott!

Scott was always intrigued by adoption since he was a child. "Fast forward," Scott says, "and it would turn out that I married my wife who was adopted at 11 months old." Scott and his wife, Tiffany knew they wanted a large family, but her pregnancies kept getting scarier and scarier according to Scott. He states, "We are both Type A personalities and knew we would not be a great fit for fostering for reunification. We were put in touch with a group home just a couple hours away that had hundreds of children to foster to adopt. We finished MAPP classes in October 2018, Met the children in November 2018, and they moved in just a few days before Christmas in 2018."

Scott's favorite thing about each of his kids?

-Logan (16) - Can turn anything into something. He loves working with his hands and can plan something he wants to make and bring it to life.

-Landon (15) - is very athletic and can just about dominate any sport that he plays.

-Liam (14) - is always willing to just go along with what is going on even if nothing is exciting for him.

-Davian (13) - is the most caring kid I ever met. He is always looking for ways to help and gives the best love.

-Oliver (8) has the best little sense of humor that is already beyond his years

-Fletcher (3) is very determined. While this can be a headache for us now, I think this trait will take him far in his adult life!

Like most of us, when asked about free time, Scott asks, "Is that really a thing?!" When he does get the opportunity, Scott likes to go out on dates with his wife, play some kind of sports with the kids, do home improvement projects, and exercise. Just kidding about the exercise. That is what I wish I liked to do!

I also love going on to the beach and want to end up with some kind of property near the ocean!"

Congratulations to you, Scott! We are thankful for your example of an awesome father!

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