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Dad of the Month - February 2021

Hey Guys! I know we have been a bit lax on Dad's of Month lately, and for that, I apologize! BUT, we are BACK! And we have another edition of Dad of the Month. This month, our Dad of the Month is Cecil Stokes!!!

Cecil and his son, Boone, live in Houston, Texas where Cecil works as an Area Director for Global Orphan Project/Care Portal.

Cecil shared that he always wanted and son and since he wasn't married, he prayed for God's direction and believed His plan for him was to be a single dad. Cecil explains that being a dad to Boone is the greatest blessing in his life!

When asked what Cecil's favorite thing about Boone is he shares, "It is so hard to choose one favorite thing about Boone, but if I had to, I would say his huge heart. He is such a loving son and wants to help every child in foster care."

In Cecil's free time Cecil loves going to the movies, reading, writing, traveling, and hanging out with my boy. He also enjoys small group at his church, morning devotions with Boone, and learning how to become a better dad and human.

Let's give it up for Cecil!!! Congratulations!!!

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