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Dad of the Month - July 2020

Each month we pick a dad who is really doing well in Dad World! Of course, we're not all perfect, but we just look for dad's who are loving on their kids! Please help us congratulate our July Dad of the Month, Ryan Behring! Read below to hear about Ryan and his family!

Ryan is from Dallas, Texas. He owns an architecture business and is the father to an amazing adopted son, Keylon! He has also fostered 2 other children recently as well. He shares, "Who knows what's next?!"

What got Ryan and his wife into foster care/adoption is what he describes as a long story. Ryan shares:

Like a lot of the best adventures in life, it wasn't my plan.

My wife and I started "trying" in 2013. In 2014, we moved to a historically black neighborhood in Dallas, and in 2015 I took a unique position with Americorps, working with poor neighborhoods nearby. In 2016, we began discussing foster care, and it seemed our life events over the last few years had already put this on our hearts. In 2017, we opened our home to our now son, Keylon (adopted in 2018). He will be 5 in September. In 2019 we welcomed a sibling set who was with us for 7 months before being adopted out by family. It was a challenging time for us and our son, who had gotten used to getting the attention! It also revealed a lot of my own trauma and challenges. While it was difficult to say goodbye, the reunification served as a good reminder why foster care is needed - to serve families until they are ready. We of course were given a lot of peace knowing they went to a loving home! We plan to open for another placement in the near future.

In 2019 I (finally) received the diagnosis related to infertility. To anyone who struggles with this, you are not alone! While it was hard news, it was good to finally have some answers, and affirmed the path of foster care and adoption.

Ryan's favorite thing about his son? He says that he loves his son's adventurous, try-anything spirit. Ryan shares they go hiking, running, swimming in chilly, cold water, and that Keylon just wants to be with people.

In his free time, Ryan likes to ride bike, hiking, running, and occasional wood-working. He also loves visiting new places and learning about their culture.

Please congratulate our July 2020 Dad of the Month...Ryan Behring!!

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