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Dad of the Month - July 2021

It's that time again! Time to celebrate one of the dad's in our group is loving their kids even when it's hard. Working hard to support their family when it's hard to wake up in the morning. Today we celebrate our July 2021 Dad of the Month...Jesse Kendall!

Jesse and his family hail from Cape Coral, Florida. Jesse and his wife have 4 children and he works in IT in Tech Support. When asked what got him and his wife into foster care/adoption he shares:

My wife and I have both dreamed of being foster parents since we were teens. We started dating in college and the conversation about fostering came up early. Unfortunately a pastor we were under at the beginning of our marriage greatly discouraged us from fostering. Over the next few years we would have our worlds rocked by malefactor infertility as well as a cancer scare for my wife. These things, among other things, led my wife and I to Florida where we finally saw our dream of foster care come true. 13 placements and a sibling group later (almost) adopted later, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We asked Jesse what his favorite thing about each of his kids are and he shared:

  • FS13 - He is so confident in himself and is turning into a responsible young man.

  • FD11 - She is tender-hearted and caring. I can see my wife's influence on her more each day. Did I mention strong?

  • FD9 - She's got spunk! I call her "little sassy britches". She keeps life entertaining.

  • FS6 - He is so creative. He came to us when he was 4 and non-verbal. His ability of expression is great too. He has come so far!

In Jesse's free time he like to read fantasy books and loves craft beer.

Join me in congratulating Jesse Kendall as our July Dad of the Month!!!

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