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Dad of the Month - June 2020

If you saw our Facebook Live on Father's Day, it's no surprise to you who the Dad (or should I say dad's) of the Month are. If you did not see our Facebook Live, the Dad of the Month is...


No, this is not a cop out. This is the honest to God truth.

If I'm completely honest, I've been holding off on this post to try and find the right words to say. I'm still not sure if I have them, but take a few moments to read this post.

Gentlemen, you are strong. You are a provider. You are loved. Please understand, we at F/A Brotherhood do not take fatherhood lightly. We do not take parenting lightly. This is incredibly hard work. Adding a child or children with trauma, PTSD, RAD, or whatever else your child may be experiencing is sometimes flat out exhausting.

But YOU...

YOU love your kids, even when they do dumb stuff.

YOU pick your kids up, even when they are down.

YOU encourage your kids, even when they strike out, don't catch that pass, etc.

YOU provide guidance for them, even when they don't want it.

Whether you are reading this as a prospective father, a foster dad, or a dad with adoptive children, biological children, step children, whatever...YOU are appreciated.

Yes, sometimes life sucks. Sometimes handling your children's outbursts makes you want to scream. Yes, sometimes you want to quit. Sometimes hugging your child is the only thing you have in you.

But YOU choose THEM. YOU love THEM. YOU pick THEM up, YOU encourage THEM. YOU provide guidance for THEM.

Gentlemen, be encouraged on this month where Father's are celebrated. You are cared for. You are loved. We are here for you! Keep up the good work. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep loving your kids like your life depends on it. Because theirs does.

I salute you, Gentlemen!

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