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Dad of the Month - June 2021

It's that time again...Time for the Dad of the Month. This month's Dad of the Month is YOU! Yes, you! No - this is not a cop out. It's still technically June and even though those people who celebrate their birthdays all month long annoy me, YOU are worthy to be celebrated all month.

I've said it in video form and last week in somewhat of a poetry form - you are amazing! You are killing it! YOU are the Dad of the Month. Why?

  • Because you love kids from hard places (and for some of you, your biological kids)

  • You put up with a lot of crap

  • You are a provider

  • You work hard and come home to chaos and while it stinks - you care enough to get in the trenches

  • You take your kids to therapy and doctors appointments

  • You give up your time to do things with your kids

Guys - you are worthy of this Dad of the Month honor and you should be proud. Yes, we will continue to honor dads one by one, but this month - it's all about you!

Thank you for being a great dad!

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