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Dad of the Month - March 2020

Hey Guys! In this time of quarantine, we have decided to try and brighten everyone's day a bit. At least once a month and select a "Dad of the Month". You guys work hard. You play hard. And you are champs. We want to recognize that. So help me by congratulating our inaugural Dad of the Month....


Ryan hails from Kenosha, Wisconsin, but is originally from Minnesota. He is a high school math teach and teaches Algebra I and Geometry. He and his wife, Jen, currently have 10 kids. Four children are biological kids, four are adopted, one is an adoption in progress, and one is a foster child.

Ryan says that he and his wife got into foster care because it was God's calling on their lives. He goes on to say, "When we first started talking about it and were about 90% sure, I met a couple at my second job serving at Chili's who turned out to be a president of a Foster Parent Association in our area which sealed the deal. Both of our mom's were day care moms so we both wanted children early on in our marriage. We had four of our own, but felt like we had room for more. Thirteen years later after 56 placements (short-term, long-term, and respite) we are still doing more."

We asked what is Ryan's favorite thing about each child. Here's what he had to say:

Andrew (21 year old Bio Son) - Diesel Mechanic; his work ethic

Isaac (19 year old Bio Son) - College Freshman learning Mechanical Engineering; His humor

Ella (17 year old Bio Daughter) - HS Junior; Her kindness

Olivia (15 year old Bio Daughter) - HS Freshman; Her soft heart

Samuel (12 year old Adopted Son) - 6th Grade; His creativity

Jonah (11 year old Adopted Son) - 5th Grade; His Ingenuity

Hannah (9 year old Adopted Daughter) - 3rd Grade; Her acceptance of everyone

Rebekkah (7 year old Adopted Daughter) - 1st Grade; Her thinking of others

Delilah (2 year old Foster Daughter) - Her music ability (cadence of songs)

Lydia (2 month old Foster Daughter) - Loves Daddy holding her

In his free time which Ryan jokes about having, and understandably so, he enjoys doing geeky math, wood, or metal puzzles, sodoku, online games, volleyball, camping, swimming and soccer.

We at F/A Brotherhood want to thank you, Ryan, for all you do for your family! Thank you for being our March Dad of the Month!

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