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Dad of the Month - March 2021

Hey guys! Another month about to end and another dad to celebrate. Please join me in celebrating March's Dad of the Month - Rob Declerq!

Rob hails from Boca Raton, Florida and works in Business Development for a Logistics company. He currently has 3 children (2 adopted, 1 in the pre-adoption phase).

When asked what got him into foster care and adoption, Rob explains "My wife and I were trying to have children, couldn't, and so we changed our direction towards adoption. During the adoption classes we learned about fostering and fostering to adopt (especially smaller children) which led us to fostering with the goal to adopt. We were placed with a short-term FD on the day of licensing, then 3 days later we picked up a FS who we would eventually adopt (along with his sister, and now their newborn brother)."

Rob loves his kids! When asked his favorite thing about each one of them he says the below:

Oldest Son (2.5 years) - I love his energy and excitement to learn through our influence. He's VERY caring of his sister and brother.

His Daughter (1.5 years) - She is a little diva, but lately she's really been becoming a dada's girl. When she calls my name from upstairs while I'm making breakfast, my heart melts.

Youngest Son (Newborn) - He has developed the biggest smile of the three siblings, and when he smiles the room lights up!

In his free time Rob shares, "Free time? Well, when I'm not working, my big hobby is triathlon and triathlon coaching. Triathlon is fun because it's not just one sport, but three sports in one. I still love to train, race, and coach, and although it's been re-prioritized some, I love taking the kids running with me in the double wide and it works out because it gives mama a little peace and quiet (despite still having the little one at home) and they love being outside. Plus I think it's instilling that healthy, active lifestyle that I want them to engage in as they grow up. So far, they rank #1 in the stroller division of every race they have ran!"

What a cool story and a great dad! Again, let's congratulate Rob on being this month's Dad of the Month!

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