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Dad of the Month - May 2020

Each month we pick a dad who is killing it in the dad game! Of course, we're not all perfect, but we just look for dad's who are loving on their kids! Please help us congratulate our May Dad of the Month, Christopher Gena! Read below to hear about Christopher!

Christopher is from Champagn, Illinois, works in healthcare revenue, and is the father to an amazing 8 year old son! What got Christopher into foster care and adoption was that a few years ago, he had a heart attack. Christopher states, "It made me really look at what I wanted out of life. My number one thought was that I wanted to be a dad. As I thought about it, I noticed articles and shows that talked about foster care more and more.  It was the best option for me as a single dad. Plus, I knew I didn’t want to deal with a baby.  So then I reached out to an agency and it all just happened. Then a year later, I adopted my son. One of the best days of my life!"

Christopher's favorite thing about his son? He says that his son is his best friend. Christopher also mentions that he cannot imagine doing the who stay at home order without him. He says that even when they both lose their patience with each other, both know how to reset.

In his free time, Christopher loves to ride bicycles. Back in college he road across the country! He and his son will go riding all over the place. They also do Tae Kwon Do together. He states, "It’s pretty hilarious because I’m usually the only parent in the class." Christopher is also a huge University of Illinois fan, so he and his son have gone to several Fighting Illini events.

Again, please help us congratulate our May 2020 Dad of the Month...Christopher Gena!!!

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