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Dad of the Month - May 2021

Hey Everyone! It's that time....time to see who is Dad of the Month for May 2021. I'm proud to share with you that May's Dad of the Month is BRENT GOSNELL!

Brent hails from Hartselle, Alabama and is a Ramsey Preferred Financial coach. Brent and his wife have 4 children including 3 bios and 1 adopted. When asked what got him into adoption he shares,

I met my wife in Guatemala during a summer long missions program. We spent part of the summer serving with orphanages. I think God used that trip to plant the seed for our heart for adoption. After we got married we went on a two week trip to Uganda to serve with a ministry that built and operated orphanages. God tugged on our heart even more during that trip. We knew the Holy Spirit was moving us to adopt internationally. A few years later we began the adoption process for the Ethiopia program. After a few years of waiting we were matched with a little girl named Mulensh. Everything was ready to go except we were waiting on one last letter of approval. Unfortunately the letter never came and Ethiopia moved quickly to shut down their international adoption program. That was devastating and heartbreaking for all of us. After taking some time to process and grieve, we decided to apply for the China adoption program. Quicker than we ever thought possible we were matched with our now son Levi who was 4 at the time of adoption. We just celebrated his gotcha day this weekend to celebrate 3 years home!

Brent loves his kids so much and when asked about what he loves about each one he shares:

Elijah 11 - He is super creative and intelligent. His entrepreneurial skills are AMAZING

Leland 9 - Makes me laugh. He is always looking to have fun and make others laugh.

Levi 7 - Is super caring. I loves to help and serve others any chance he gets.

Shiloh 5 - She's my only girl so she has me wrapped around my finger. She's my kind of girl. She carries a purse with lipstick, nerf bullets, and knives. Laughing, Brent says, "You can tell she has older brothers."

In his free time, Brent loves his "hobby farm". He and his family love working with their horses, ponies, chickens and in their garden. They enjoy going hiking, fishing, and camping together. Brent, himself, loves to cook, grill, and BBQ.

Join me in congratulating Brent Gosnell as this month's Dad of the Month!

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