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Dad of the Month - October 2020

Hey Guys! It's that time...October's Dad of the Month is here! This month we want to congratulate...Jake Bender!!! Get to know Jake below!

Jake is a Senior Business Analyst for Government Healthcare that lives in Waimea, Hawaii (On the big island). Jake and his wife currently have 4 children (3 girls and a boy). When asked about what got him into foster care/adoption Jake shares,

"My wife and I have not been able to have our own kids. In early 2018 I really felt God was calling us to open our home as we had two spare rooms, just collecting dust. We offered those rooms to a few people who were going through tough times (bad relationship, displaced from volcano eruption, etc). No one took us up on the offer. Then listening to the Dad Tired podcast Fostering Episode put the puzzle pieces together. I called my wife and said 'THIS is what God is calling us to do!' We submitted an application in June 2018 and by Oct 2018, we were licensed."

Jake and his wife absolutely adore their children. When we asked him what he loved about each child he stated,

Adopted Daughter - 10 months old - She is the happiest baby who is so beyond loved. We have friends and family that always want to babysit because she is such a bright, fun, happy little girl.

Foster Son - 8 years old - Helpful!! He is the first to offer help! He is always trying to help lighten other peoples loads.

Foster Daughter - 11 years old -Funny! She is always doing something crazy or silly to make those around her laugh.

Foster Daughter - 11 years old - SMART! She's been through so much but is so smart!

In his free time, Jake does leather work. He makes bags, belts, spur straps, knife cases, etc. He says his in-laws are all paniolos (Hawaiian Cowboys), so it was a fitting hobby for him to get into. Jake also likes camping, hiking, and being outdoors with his family.

Let's congratulate Jake on being October's Dad of the Month!!!

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