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Dad of the Month - September 2020

It's that time! Time for our Dad of the Month! We are super thrilled to announce September's dad of the month...Jonathan Williamson!!! Let's meet Jonathan and his family.

Jonathan is a Software Developer from Flower Mound, Texas. He and his wife have three kids (2 biological, 1 adopted).

Jonathan explains, "We were initially interested in international matched adoption. After attending an informational meeting at our church, foster care became a real option for us. This couple began opening up about their foster care experience and sharing about how foster care was the Christian Church's original community ministry. People would take their unwanted children to the gates of their city and members of the early church would come and care for them. Caring 'for the least of these' was not just a matter of giving money to far off communities, but a day-in and day-out ministry to needy kids face-to-face." He goes on to say, "I'll never forget when they mentioned this statistic:

'If every church in America took care of one foster kid, we would meet the entire need for the foster system.'

After he said that, I knew this was a chance to make a difference. Not to fix the entire problem, but to be on e family who could take care of one kid. As a dad, the message of 'what can you do with the blessings you've been given' rings loudly in my heart. I can't do everything for everyone, but I can be everything to one."

When speaking of his children Jonathan loves watching his oldest son make art and inventions. Jonathan loves watching him come up with ideas in his head and create it with his hands. He shares, "It's truly exciting to watch."

Jonathan also shares his second son is pure joy. He explains, "We gave him the middle name Joy when he was born and he has lived up to it every day. He brings joy to our entire family!"

Jonathan's adopted daughter is the apple of his eye. Jonathan has loved building a connection with her the last 2 years and loves when she runs to him and talks to him. He states, "I feel like a superhero to her."

When Jonathan has free time he likes reading books about faith and business, watching movies, playing the guitar and piano, building side hustles, and spending time outdoors.

Also, don't forget! Jonathan just started a Foster & Adoptive Dads podcast. Check it out at:

Let's all congratulate Jonathan on being our Dad of the Month!

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