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Happy National Adoption Day

Hey Guys!

As many of you know, November is National Adoption Awareness Month. But today we wanted to take a moment to wish you Happy National Adoption Day! At F/A Brotherhood, we want to thank each and every one of you for your love and care for your children. We know it's not always easy, but it's a choice. And you made that choice. And for that, we are thankful!

A couple things to keep in mind as we celebrate today and the rest of the month.

  • Though adoption is tough for several reasons, it's OK to celebrate. I want to make things clear...adoption is rough. For the child and for you. You sit through grueling court cases, hear your name thrown in the proverbial mud, have your house checked on all of the time. It's a rough road. However, it is OK to celebrate that fact that you have adopted. There is nothing wrong with that. There are voices out there that will tell you NOT to celebrate, and to some degree I can see why, but the fact is you are celebrating that your child is in a safe, loving home and not in a drug-ridden, neglected, or abusive household. THAT is worth celebrating.

  • With that being said, be sensitive to those around you. Some of the guys in our group are going through it. Things may not look so good. Though I've seen a lot of adoption posts recently, I know personally of a handful of guys of which things are not looking too good. While reunification is always the goal, sometimes the system is broken and reunifies the child too early and things go downhill fast. Be sensitive to the the guys and families around you struggling. Also be sensitive to your child. YES, they are worth celebrating, but it is also a loss in their eyes. Celebrate, but don't overdo it.

  • Share your story. Take a look at the numbers...they are staggering. We need more foster and adoptive parents in the world. Share your story. Yes, share the high's and the low's. But just share it. You never know if someone is thinking about it or on the fence about giving it a shot. YOUR story could help them cross the line start the process.

For those of you who are fostering, we salute you and do not want to miss out on the love that you are showing to your child(ren). You are amazing and your courage and bravery is commended. For those who have adopted, thank you as well. Be thankful for the good times and the bad as hard as it is for me to type that. Every moment is precious. Savor the moment.

Thank you for being foster and adoptive dads!

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