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The Importance of Daddy Dates

Daddy Dates. Are they needed? Are they wanted? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding "YES!" But why are they important?

For Boys. It's a great time to build a relationship with all of your kids, but it's really important to get that one on one time with each of your kids. For boys, it's the perfect time to do something together and to show them what real manhood looks like no matter what you do. Whether you are playing in dirt, hanging out at the park, or playing a board game, it is a great time to have fun and give life lessons to your boys as they navigate portions for their life. Also, for boys, one on one time means the world to them no matter what they say or how they act when you do things together.

For Girls. Dads, I cannot stress this enough. You HAVE to have daddy-daughter dates. Why? Because you can show them how a real man is supposed to treat them. No matter what age they are: open the doors for them. Get them flowers. Treat them like a princess. Then they know exactly how they are to be treated when they get to the dating phase of life. Having a dad in a little girls life helps them in the future by leaps and bounds later in their life. Plus, it means the world to have a date with Daddy. So if you have to put nail polish on. Do it. If you have to cram yourself into a little table for tea, do it. It will be worth it in the end.

One on one time is vital for any parent and their children, but especially for Dads in their children. Statistics show that when dads are in the picture, children excel. Be that guy. Get dirty with your son. Get "pretty" with your daughter. Whatever it takes. Invest in your children. One on one. With Daddy dates.

You got this!

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