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The Power of a Pause

How many of us have said or done something we have regretted? It could have been something we have said to our children or our wife. It could have been a decision we made that ended poorly.

I imagine most of us have said or done something. I, for one, have.

When it comes to handling intense situations like children with trauma and their behaviors, sometimes we say something that we later have to apologize for. But what would happen if we paused prior to saying something or handing out a consequence?

Think about it for a moment...your child has been driving you absolutely crazy all day. You are at the end of your rope...and then...they do something that sets you off. Your voice raises, you try and be civil, but you just can't hold it back anymore. On top of that, you know you have had a long day and you know your fuse is short.

What would your response be right away? And what would your response look like if you took a minute and breathed or walked away before responding?

The power of a pause.

Of course, nothing is full proof, but what has been scientifically proven is that a breath of fresh air or a minute away from a tense situation will cool you down and help with a better response to the situation at hand.

You see, dads typically struggle with anger. It's in a man's makeup. When people do things that hurt your family, our response is typically anger. When things don't go our way...anger. I'm not saying that anger is good or bad, but a pause could make all the difference in the world.

Practical Steps to Pause

  • Walk away from the situation for a minute before returning

  • Stop in your tracks and take a few deep breaths

  • Try the One Minute Pause app (Christian app by Ransomed Heart Ministries)

The Power of a Pause.

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