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The Power of Presence

One of my fondest memories of growing up was that my parents (yes, dad included) came to every baseball game, soccer match, track meet, and Boy Scout ceremony I was apart of. It was awesome. No matter how I performed or no matter what I did or did not accomplish, they were there. Every step of the way.

Now, I didn't grow up a foster child, but you can imagine how they feel. They lost the presence of a father and/or mother figure. They don't have anyone present at the time they go into the system. They have no one cheering them on or picking them up when they are down.

You see where I'm going here?

The Power of Presence from us as fathers is so vital in a child's life that, according to most studies, it dictates the future of child. It dictates whether or not they finish school. It dictates whether or not they stay out of trouble, even out of jail. It dictates a lot of different facets of their lives.

Men, if I can urge myself and you to do anything, anything at all - I would urge you to be present. When a child has a recital of that daggone violin that pierces your ear every evening - show up. When your child rides the bench and gets in one minute of that game - show up. When your child is up for an award at school or for sports - show up. Be present.

If I may go on a soap box for a moment - every time I attend a foster care or adoption event where kids are invited - I go. Why? Because of two reasons:

  1. I want to support my child.

  2. I want to meet other foster and adoptive dads.

Can I be 100% honest. When I go to these events, dads are non-existent. They are no-shows. Hear me out - this. can't. happen. We must be present in our child(s) and families lives. Let the grass look like a forest if it means you can catch your son/daughters game. Skip the football game on Saturday or Sunday to play legos or superheroes with your kids. Whatever it is...

Be present.

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