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What Does Love Look Like for Dads?

Love. It's a word thrown around with so many different connotations these days. Love looks different, feels different, and is different for each one of us. For men in general, it can look night and day compared to a woman's love, especially when it comes to children. So what does or what can love look like love for a dad with kids? Let's start with the easy ones...

The Easy One's Short List

  • Things such as hugs and kisses are a way to show love to your children.

  • Hi-Fives when they doe something well.

  • Cheering them on at the sport or competition they are involved in.

  • Encouraging the when they are down.

  • Cuddling with your child.

  • Taking them on one-on-one dates.

  • Tell them. Just say and mean "I love you".

One's You May Not Think About...

  • Ask them about their day.

  • Surprise them with something.

  • Give them your undivided attention.

  • Remind them of their strengths.

  • Laugh with them.

  • Respect their feelings and their space.

  • Let them hang out with you while you work on things around the house.

  • Acknowledge when you are wrong.

These all may sound like "duh" statements to you, but the fact of the matter is our kids need to feel loved and wanted. All kids do. Kids from hard places need to know they are loved and these are just a couple of examples of how to show your child(ren) love. Make sure you do these things often, even when it doesn't feel right. Love makes them feel cherished and wanted.

You can do it. They will feel it.

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